Sitcom Jump The Shark Moments

Sitcoms are something that came around in the 50’s and have become a great part of the television world. However, a lot of great shows have outlasted their stay and made a turn for the worse. Look below to see some great shows and where they went wrong.

jump the shark


Happy Days- Happy Days is a show from the 70’s that is set in the 50’s. It revolves around a teen named Richie and his time growing up. It introduces many other characters, including Fonzie, who was a breakout star. The show “Happy Days” is where the term Jump the Shark comes from. It began when Fonzie actually jumped over a shark, which people saw as ridiculous.

happy days 2happy days 1

The Big Bang Theory- The Big Bang Theory is currently in its tenth season and has just been renewed for 2 more, with a spin-off on the way. It features 6 geeky scientists and the girl next door. It has spent its time on the air embracing geeks. However, recently Howard and Bernadette brought a baby into the world. Often when shows bring a baby into the play, this shows a close end.

big bang theory 1big bang theory 2

Seinfeld- Seinfeld is a classic sitcom that came around in the 90’s. It features comedian Jerry Seinfeld, his goofy neighbor, best friend from high-school, and his ex-girlfriend. What the show is about? Nothing. Every day is a new story, and they usually do not connect. This is what made Seinfeld interesting. Somewhere in season 6, Larry David, Jerry’s friend & writer, leaves the show. This is the point where Seinfeld changes. It is still good, but there is a noticeable decline in quality.

seinfeld 1Image result for seinfeld

All in the Family- All in the Family is a sitcom from the 70’s that brings forward important political issues from the time period. Conservative Archie Bunker lives with his wife Edith, and his liberal daughter and son and law, whom he often butts heads with. Although they are always fighting, the characters are always there to help each other out. In season 8, Mike and Gloria move out to California and leave the show. This causes the show to bring in a niece named Stephanie, which is where the show turns for the worst.

all in the family 1all in the family 2

Will and Grace- This show was created in the 90’s and ran into the early 200’s. It was one of the most influential television shows in gay culture. Will, a gay lawyer, and Grace, an interior designer, share an apartment. A gay neighbor named Jack lives next door and is best friends with Karen, a high society alcoholic. It brought forward main characters who were gay and embraced it. However, as the show went on it began to go dry. They began to bring in too many other characters and attempted to bring a baby into the mix. The finale even has Will and Grace no longer in contact with each other.

will and grace 1will and grace 2