5 Tips to Save Time in the Morning

It’s 7 o’clock AM when you finally roll out of bed. The only problem? You have to leave for school in 15 minutes. As you rush around for the 5th time this week, you end up forgetting your folder on your desk and leaving with two different shoes on. With these five tips, you will find yourself feeling less cluttered in the morning, and starting your day off right.

  1. Lay out your clothes the night before

Befclothesore you go to bed, take the extra time to pick out your outfit for the next day. Picking out clothes can be stressful and due to time constraints, you may end up wearing whatever you can throw together. By laying out your outfit the night before you will have time to put an outfit together that you like and feel good in.

  1.  Organize your school bag the night before

When you don’t packschool-supplies your bag till the morning, things are bound to be forgotten. Not having something you need in the morning is not a good feeling. To prevent this, pack your stuff up as you do it. Complete your math homework? Put it back in your binder/folder and put that back in your backpack. When everything is packed up, bring your bag to the door so you are reminded to grab it when you are leaving.

  1. Pack your lunch the night before

packed-lunchPacking a lunch can take a good chunk of time in the morning. Rushing it can cause a last minute meal or not being able to make one at all. Packing your lunch the night before will make sure that you have everything you need the next day. This will also help prepare more nutritious meals. By having extra time, you can plan out meals that are healthy and filling. You may even find some new recipes to try with your extra time. Say goodbye to PB&J every day!

  1. Shower the night before 

Some peoplshowere can take a shower in just a few minutes. However, some people take long showers that they just don’t have time for in the morning. Taking a shower at night will leave you clean, but also with a lot more time to get ready. If showering the night before is something you cannot do, set a timer when showering in the morning. This will keep you on schedule and make sure you leave enough time to do the rest of your routine.

   5. Cut Social Media

social-mediaAlthough it may be tempting, social media can take 30 minutes of your time while only feeling like 5. When you wake up, get right out of bed instead of checking your phone. It may be hard, but the time you save will be worth it. Get ready for school or work first, and then when you are fully ready, you can allow yourself to check your phone.


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